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Setup QuickJack in Only 30 Minutes!

Once your QuickJack arrives in its freight packages, you'll be about half an hour away from full lifting glory. Setup requires no special tools, bolts or drills - just a few wrenches you probably have on-hand. After all, your portable car lift is made to be taken on the road, so kept things as simple and clear-cut as possible.

youtube icon  Watch the Official First Time QuickJack Setup Video


Roll QuickJack Frames into Position

Roll the QuickJack frames into a parallel position.

Place both QuickJack frames on a stable floor surface with both safety-lock bars positioned outwards.

Connect the QuickJack hydraulic hoses

Connect the quick-connect fittings.

Connect your hoses up from the power unit and the jack frames with the quick-connect fittings.

Plug power unit into an appropriate power source

Plug-in or connect your power unit into an appropriate power source.

Depending on which model power unit you selected, connect it to its appropriate power source.

Position your vehicle between the QuickJack lift frames

Position your vehicle between the QuickJack frames.

Place jack frames under vehicle making sure to position the rubber lift blocks at the factory recommended jacking points or at alternate support location.

Push the up bottom to operate the lift

Raise your vehicle in seconds.

Operate the UP control until each jack platform reaches either the mid-rise locking position or full-rise locking position.

Be the envy of your neighborhood.

Let QuickJack be the envy of your neighborhood