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We ship all over Europe!


Quickjack Germany is shipping all over Europe!

We Treat Your Shipment Like It’s Ours.

  • More and more consumers are buying goods and products via the internet.
  • National borders are no longer an issue.
  • Product diversity, service, simple handling and low prices are all important.
  • We ship to every country in Europe and beyond up on request! 


Quickjack Europe Shipping
Country    Carrier   Shipping costs
Germany   Transmission   €0,00
France   DHL Freight   €0,00
Netherlands   Transmission   €0,00
Belgium   Transmission   €0,00
Czech Republic   DHL Freight   €0,00
Luxembourg   Transmission   €0,00
Estonia   DHL Freight   €0,00
Latvia   DHL Freight   €0,00
Slovenia   DHL Freight   €0,00
Lithuania   DHL Freight    €0,00
Croatia   DHL Freight    €0,00
Ireland   DHL Freight    €0,00
Slovakia   DHL Freight   €0,00
Finland   DHL Freight    €0,00
Denmark   DHL Freight    €0,00
Bulgaria   DHL Freight    €0,00
Austria   DHL Freight    €0,00
Hungary   DHL Freight    €0,00
Sweden   DHL Freight    €0,00
Portugal   DHL Freight    €0,00
Greece   DHL Freight    €0,00
Romania   DHL Freight    €0,00
Poland   DHL Freight    €0,00
Spain   DHL Freight    €0,00
Italy   DHL Freight    €0,00
United Kingdom   DHL Freight    €0,00
Malta   DHL Freight    €0,00 (To malta hub germany)
Switzerland   DHL Freight    €0,00 + Local customs charges (INCOTERM DAP)
Norway   DHL Freight    €0,00 + Local customs charges (INCOTERM DAP)


Your country not listed? No worries! Contact us for a customized order!