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Customer Reviews of the QuickJack Car Lift

Below is a small list of real customer reviews that we've collected from the internet to give you a quick glance of what people are saying about the QuickJack Portable Car Lift. If you'd like to leave a review of QuickJack, please head over to the product you purchased, click the "Reviews" tab and type away!

I have them, best things I have bought in a while. Plus you can take it to the track.
Instagram Casey W.

Check out the new quickjack BL-5000XL. They extended the platforms. Works like a charm. – BSU That Quickjack does look like a winner!
Mike 9186

I have one of these, I very much like the ease of lifting, raises the car plenty high enough to put jackstands under, and I also leave them in place when they're all the way down, plenty of clearance to drive over. I like the wired remote, and the fact that they don't take up any additional garage space. Haven't transported them anywhere, but I like that option.
HTH, Derrick

Just wanted to throw this out there. Got a Ranger Quick Jack BL-5000. Its awesome. Well made, light and storable, and it works. Makes track prepping and other work so much easier. I don't plan on taking it out of my garage but you could.. What I like most is that each side is independent but works in sync. Most scissor lifts have something in the middle connecting them and that prevents you from lets say dropping the exhaust.

I bought this model and just got it together. Had an air valve on the cylinder leak (out the valve) and bought another one at the parts store and the company also sent me another one right away. I love it so far. I use pucks in stock location and the rubber blocks beneath the pucks. I just push each side inward to move the car and then move each side back out when I am going to put it up. for the money and for doing the light stuff I am doing, it is great and reasonably priced IMHO. We will see how long it take me to prep the car, I am sure it will be awhile the first time, but raising the car will not be slowing me down.
Bob N.

Limited adjustments but OK. There was not enough adjustment to fit my Camaro. Had to move (DREMEL) REAR notches in aero rockers for magnetic pucks on unibody seam forward (3-5"). I guess the 5000XL version would have fit better? But then, might not fit the shorter wheelbase C7 with permanently fixed puck locations. Works great on both cars now as well as Colorado pick up (directly on frame rails). Will barely fit between the wheels of my Sonic Rally Sport. I haven't lifted it yet. It will need some form of subframe/Camaro puck combination (has aero extended rocker panels too). I am very satisfied. No leaks. Very stable. Use inside narrow one car garage. Can still set car down on jackstands and remove lift. Stores easily and is just light enough to move around by yourself. First time I used it I didn't know it had rollers on one end! Now much easier to move as you only need to lift 2/3rds the 65lbs and roll away. The only complaint is the"quick release" connectors are very hard for my old hand and wrists to work. I only release the hoses at the ramps and leave the hoses on at the stored pump assembly. My 6 piece RaceRamps, jack and stands will probably collect more dust now. Much faster to use, even from stored position, especially to remove wheels. Simple oil change, maybe not so much.

I've also got a QuickJack BL-5000 and am quite happy with it. The first one I received had a bad 'up' switch on the hand controller, so Ranger quickly sent a replacement power unit. The replacement was apparently dropped on its head by FedEx, crushing the motor cover. So Ranger sent another replacement which arrived quickly and the whole system works like a champ. I know that early on there were lots of reports of leaks at the fittings, but the quick connect/disconnects they're using now are different from the originals and of high quality .. no problems with leaking anywhere. Of course you have to follow the instructions and use teflon tape at the various fittings .. which is just common sense.
Jerry V.

Customer asked me to chime in here, sorry it's my first post. I have the 5000XL from Ranger/Bendpak. As stated above, the "XL" version is their newest "quickjack" that allows for some more jacking points since it is a little longer than the previous units. When I initially contacted the company I specifically asked about the hydraulic fittings leaking, because one of my customers had one of the original units and had to swap out the fittings because of leaking. The company told me they had addressed that issue with the fittings on the 5000XL, I would assume they've done the same on the other units (3500/5000) but I can't speak to those units personally. I have the 110v version, since I really don't have a need to be 100% mobile with the 12v version. I was told, however, that the 12v version does raise the car up a little quicker than the 110v. The 110v raises plenty quick for me, by the way. Once raised all the way up, I have purposely shook the car (within reason) to see how sturdy the jacks were, nothing budged. If I were to have one improvement, it would be to separate the two hydraulic lines (they come tethered together like speaker wire) to make it a little easier to hook them up to the jacks once you slide them under the car. Other than that, I love mine and they make wheel removal/paint polishing much easier and safer.

I actually just got a Ranger Quickjack Bl-5000XL not too long ago. Used it a few times so far to change out my winter to summer tires and actually just used it again today to do two oil changes. Reading some of the posts where people mention problems is surprising because I havent heard of any of those other than maybe a leaking connection or hose but I would think that would be operator error most of the time. Most of the connections do not need thread sealant tape (Teflon tape) but some of them do if I remember correctly and you gotta make sure to really tighten everything down good. I know on mine that I do have the newer style of connectors for the hoses and that all the new ones come with the same ones. Not sure how they do it but they are super easy to pop on and off and also have a safety lock that you can turn to make sure they don't pop off unless you want them to but the best part is you can pop them on and off and never even get a drop of fluid at the connections. I also noticed someone mentioned a problem with the jacks self leveling and to me I would think they maybe just did not bleed them properly. I took the time to bleed mine right and even went back and did it a second time after their first use to make sure there wasn't anything in there and they have always worked perfect, both sides go up the same and both go down the same. Anyway I would totally recommend them, they are super low and even fit under my friends Subaru which is lowered. I chose to get the BL-5000XL because the lifting points are a little farther apart so it works better with my car and can hit both lift points. Here are a few pics of them being used on my cars. Let me know if you have any questions about it. Gotta say though especially after today and doing 2 oil changes in the time I could normally do 1 that they are well worth it. And I can actually use my creeper if I want to.

Quickjack fits the bill for me perfectly. Unfortunately, the lifting pojnts were originally too short for my car. Then they came out with the 5000XL and BINGO, I jumped on it. I leave them on the floor in my garage (pushed together) and just pull over (straddle) them. When I want to use them I just pull them out to position and hit the up button. Easy peasy.

Quickjack Ranger BL-5000 from Bendpak. Really like it. Quick, portable and open underneath. WinterSoldier It fits in the trunk of a car....It's combined weight is less than 200 lbs...If you change your oil, rotate your tires or make suspension tweaks at the track...it's a must have...QuickJack.com by Ranger products...Finally something affordable, portable, and storable.

For reference, I'm the proud new owner of a BL-5000 lift. I purchased the larger unit in order to be able to lift both my NA's and the family hauler (2005 Honda Odyssey).

I saw last week Ranger has a new accessory for the BL5000 to raise trucks and SUV's even higher. Glad I bought the 5000. It works great and I need the extra capacity for my non-Miata vehicles.
C. Thompson

It's quick, easy to use and the price is affordable. I'm very satisfied with this product."
B. Little

I saw the quick jack in action at the PRI show in Indy this last december. After speaking with Maricela, I ordered a 5000 dc model. after returning home, I called Maricella and decided to order a 3500 ac., that way I could use either one a the race track or my shop. Got the show price also! After assembling them, I used the 3500 on a Lexus to do a timing belt because both my regular lifts were tied up. The first safety stop was perfect for working waist level and top safety gave me plenty of room to work under car with no jack or jackstands in my way, and the car was very stable. We also used them on our Monte Carlo race car, you cant even get a jack under it, but no problem for the QuickJack. I've told other people about them and they ordered one also. A great investment and safe also. And free shipping!"
G. Sheppard, Fairlfield Ohio

There was a slight issue out of the Box . This ended up being due to a defective pump. But after contacting technical support. They shipped out a replacement that works flawlessly. This unit is simple and quick to use. It allows me to due normal maintenance on my 3 vehicles simply. This Is a must have for the do it yourselfers.

This past weekend at the SCCA Time Trials at Talladega Grand Prix Raceway I offered the 3500# unit up for all that wanted to try it. My friend used it to find an oil leak on ramps and just couldn't find it. I told him to put it on the lift to get it up higher and give it a good look. This helped him find out what was really happening and get him out on track. Another BMW driver just wanted to use it for a quick 4 wheel tire change and he loved using it. At the track this product is great. I'm sure it works great in the garage as well. Dolfan, Atlanta The Quickjack BL5000 is exactly what I needed, portable and low enough to fit under the Corvette. It has always been a pain jacking the car up, it sits so low most jacks don't fit under without driving up on blocks first (another pain in the ...) the Quickjack works perfect and makes lifting the car for servicing or major work simple. Being portable is also a huge benefit because I can throw it in the trailer and take it to the track when we race. The service was great, straight up one price with free shipping and fast. Very satisfied!
P. White, Brainerd, MN

Quick and simple...works great.
M. Gonzalez

Mine came in last night. Put it together this morning & it works just as advertized! BendPak seems to be caught up with the back orders, but they still take a little prodding to get the lift on the way. Could have been a better sale, but the lift seems solid."
Jinks, Daytona Beach

I got my QuickJack last month, the labels and paint were scratched during shipment, I guess it was because of the shipment? I called Customer Service, spoke with Eduardo, he was very helpful. The QuickJack was pretty easy to set up and the car lifted in seconds just like they advertised. I've been working on my brakes and my wheels. Thinking about buying another one for my future son in-law."
Giuseppe Lombardi

I bought the BL-5000XL to work on my truck. This unit is great to work with. Happy that I got a discount too! I highly recommend it.
Tony Cardona

Yes I bought one this year. I love it, and yes you still need the pucks unless you are realy carfull to center the rubber pads that it comes with. I bought the 5000 model. cause I use it for my Jeep and my wifes Pacifica. to do Oil changes, and than I will be useing it to get the vette up off the floor this winter.
black match box

A 'Vette acquaintance of mine has these and loves them. High enough for us fat guys to get under.

I would say that the system takes about 10 minutes to setup from a stored condition. Not bad at all. I disconnected the hoses which means that you will have to reconnect for the next use. The system can be stored under your car and keep the hoses connected to the pump if you plan on using it a lot. The lifts come with a handle that hooks to each lift so that when they are stored under the car you just grab the handle and slide them into position. When you are done just slide them back under the car. I think that this was a VERY good investment!!!! I highly recommend these!!

Hello, I recently purchased the BL-5000/DC. The level of service I’ve received from QuickJack, specifically Alex Lira, has been phenomenal. Alex has patiently and intelligently fielded my many inquiries while managing not to force any specific product upon my wallet. I would not have made this purchase without her and I’d like to share my sincere appreciation for her professionalism and personal attention. I've been in the customer service industry for 20+ years now and I have encountered very few individuals of her caliber. Thank you, thank you!